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KNAG: Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group 2017

Aims and Scope

The purpose of this meeting is to exchange research interests and results among numerical and theoretical astrophysicists in Korea, and to give to students, postdocs, and senior researchers opportunities to present their works to others. For further inquiries, please contact

Meetings of 2017

Date/Time Presentation
February 17 (Friday), 14:30 Ha, Ji-Hoon (UNIST) – Shock waves in merging galaxy clusters
Jang, Hanbyul (UNIST) – MHD Wave Analysis in Cartesian and Cylindrical Coordinates
Kang, Hyesung (PNU) – Proton acceleration at collisionless shocks and gamma-ray emission from galaxy clusters

March 17 (Friday), 14:30 Ryu, Dongsu (UNIST) – Ultra-high-energy cosmic rays and the distribution of galaxies in the local Universe
Bae, Yeong-Bok (KASI) – Gravitational Radiation Capture of Black Holes
Hoang, Thiem (KASI) – A new model of polarized mid-infrared emission from PAHs and Implications

April 21 (Friday), 14:30 Park, Hyunbae (KASI) – The Hydrodynamic Feedback of Cosmic Reionization on Small-scale Structures and Its Impact on Photon Consumption During the Epoch of Reionization
Hayasaki, Kimitake (CBNU) – Tidal disruption of a star by merging supermassive black holes
Ideguchi, Shinsuke (UNIST) – Extraction of magnetic field information of galaxies using Faraday tomography

May 19 (Friday), 14:30 Cho, Jungyeon (CNU) – TBA
Lazarian, Alex (UW-Madison) – Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection and Observational Consequences
Xu, Siyao (KIAA) – Turbulent dynamo in astrophysical plasmas

June 16 (Friday), 14:30 Kim, Chunglee (KASI) – Binary black holes formed in globular cluster and implications for GW170104
Seough, Jungjoon (KASI) – Plasma kinetic instability and its application to the solar wind electron
Lee, Hyeseung (CNU) – Statistical study of turbulence from polarized synchrotron emission

July 21 (Friday), 14:30 Schlickeiser, Reinhard (Uni. of Rurh-Bochum) – Diffusive proton acceleration and injection efficiency at shocks of arbitrary speed
Kwak, Kyujin (UNIST) – 1D Supernova Simulations for the Produciton of Heavy Elements
Oh, Minji (UST-KASI) – Measuring neutrino mass imprinted on the anisotropic galaxy clustering

August 18 (Friday), 14:30 Shin, Jihye (KIAS) – Preparation of cosmological hydrodynamic simulation on large scale: Horizon Run 5
Park, JunSeong (UNIST) – Numerical study of compressible isothermal magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
Yoon, Heesun (CNU) – Phase Coherence of Velocity centroid

Sept 15 (Friday), 14:30 Benjamin L’Huillier(KASI) – Cosmological structure formation: LCDM and beyond
Kwak SungWon (KASI) – Bar formation and recurrent buckling instability in dwarf galaxy
Kim Jihyn (UNIST) – Summary of recent results of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays

Oct 20 (Friday), 14:30 Kimi Hayasaki (CBNU) – Classification of tidal disruption events by the stellar orbits
Seungwoo Ha (UNIST – Cylindrical-coordinate wave tests and MPI parallelization for MH D code

Nov 17 (Friday), 14:30 Jeong-Gyu Kim (SNU) –Dispersal of Giant Molecular Clouds by Photoionization and Radiation Pressure
Chongsam Na (Yonsei) – The YUMMy astronomy: Recent progress on astrophysical simulations
Kyungwon Chun (KyungHee)-Evolution of satellite stellar systems around a dwarf galaxy

Dec 15 (Friday), 14:30 Jongsoo Kim (KASI) – Inner Warm Disk Study Using the High-resolution Near-infrared Spectrograph
Minsu Shin (KASI) – Introduction to useful scientific computing libraries for massive parallel computing
Yang Seung-Won (UNIST) – Introduction on Evolution of Protoplanetary Disk and Planet Migration

KNAG: Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group 2016

Meetings of 2016

March 17 (Thursday), 14:00 Hayasaki, Kimitake (CBNU) – Accretion Disk formation following tidal disruption of stars
Yun, Kiyun (Yonsei) - Reducing noise in moving-mesh code
Kim, Jihyun (UNIST) – Correlation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays with large-scale structure of the universe
Lee, Jeongwon (ETRI) – AlphaGo and Neural networks
July 22 (Friday), 14:30 Kyujin Kwak (UNIST) – 1D Simulations of Supernova Explosion with MESA
Minji Oh (KASI, UST) – Measuring neutrino mass imprinted on the anisotropic galaxy clustering
Heewon Lee (Sejong) – Monte Carlo Polarized Radiative Transfer of Ly alpha in the Early Universe
August 19 (Friday), 14:30 Sang-Hyeon Ahn (KASI) – P-Cygni type Lyman Alpha emission profiles in Primeaval Objects
Jihye Shin (KIAS) – Hydrodynamic Simulations of the Central Molecular Zone With a Realistic Galactic Potential
Hoonkyu Kim (CNU) – Intermittency of Elsasser variables and Solar wind turbulence
October 21 (Friday), 14:30 Jungyeon Cho (CNU) – Spectral Evolution of Helical Electron Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
Hyunju Yoo (CNU) – Obtaining the Alfven Mach number from observations of dust polarization
Hoang Thiem (KASI) – The Interaction of relativistic spacecrafts with the interstellar medium
November 18 (Friday), 14:30 Seungwoo Ha (UNIST) – New MHD Code for Plasmas in Astrophysics and Tokamak
Soonyoung Roh (UNIST) – Propagation of cosmic rays in magnetized protoplanetary disks
Dongsu Ryu (UNIST) – Shock Waves and Particle Acceleration in Simulated Clusters of Galaxies
December 16 (Friday), 14:30 Minsu Shin (KASI) – Introduction to Intel Xeon Phi and OpenMP 4.0
Jeong-Gyu Kim (SNU) – Radiation Hydrodynamic Simulations of Star Cluster Formation in Turbulent Molecular Clouds
Woong-Tae Kim (SNU) – Some Issues Regarding Nuclear Rings and Star Formation at Centers of Barred Galaxies

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