Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Research Areas

Computational Astrophysics
Plasma Astrophysics, Shocks, Turbulence, and Magnetic fields
Monte Carlo Lya Radiative Transfer
Self-consistent Modeling of Dust Polarization
MHD Simulations, Particle-in-Cell Simulations
Dynamical evolution of star clusters

Theoretical Astrophysics
Particle Acceleration, Cosmic Rays
Physics of Grain Alignment, Anomalous Microwave Emission by Dust Nanoparticles
Interactions of Relativistic Nano Spacecraft with the Interstellar Medium
Acceleration of Dust Grains in MHD turbulence

Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
GW data analysis: Parameter estimation
Waveform modeling and systematic accuracy
Compact Binaries, Numerical Relativity

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