Theoretical Astrophysics Group

KNAG: Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group 2015

Aims and Scope

The purpose of this meeting is to exchange research interests and results among numerical and theoretical astrophysicists in Korea, and to give to students, postdocs, and senior researchers opportunities to present their works to others. For further inquiries, please contact

Meetings of 2015

Date/Time Presentation
January 23 (Friday), 2pm Kim, Jihyun - Overview on the Astrophysics of Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays
Kim, Jeong-Gyu - Instability of Evaporative Layers in the Interstellar Medium
Hayasaki, Kimitake - Tidal Disruption Flares From Stars on Bound Orbits
February 27 (Friday), 2pm Wan, Mew-Bing - The Role of the Magnetic Field in Black Hole-Neutron Star Binary Electromagnetic Counterparts
Jang, Hanbyul - Numerical Simulations for MHDs based on Upwind Schemes : Energy & Entropy
Ryu, Dongsu - Shock Waves in Intracluster Media
March 27 (Friday), 2pm Cho, Jungyeon - Viscosity and origin of magnetic field in the ICM
Kim, Hoonkyu - Inverse cascade in imbalanced electron MHD turbulence
Park, JunSeong - MHD turbulence in expanding and contracting media
May 29 (Friday), 2:30pm Kwak, Kyujin - Non-equilibrium Chemistry with the FLASH Code
Seo, Woo-Young - Gas Structures and Star Formation in the Central Region of Barred-Spiral Galaxies
Kim, Jongsoo - Power Spectra of Outflow-Driven Turbulence
July 3 (Friday), 2:30pm Park, Kiwan - MHD turbulence large and small scale dynamo and the applications in astrophysic
Yoo, Hyunju - Effects of multiple-scale driving on turbulence statistics
Yun, Kiyun - YUMMy: YonseiUnstructured Moving Mesh Hydrodynamic Simulation
Ahn, Kyungjin - Scheme for Calculating Retarded-Time Fields and Its Application to the Long-Range Radiative Background

List of regular participants

  • Ahn, Kyungjin (Chosun)
  • Cho, Jungyeon (Chungnam)
  • Ha, Seung Woo (UNIST)
  • Hayasaki, Kimitake (Chungbuk)
  • Jang, Hanbyul (UNIST)
  • Kang, Hyesung (Pusan)
  • Kim, Hyojeong (Chosun)
  • Kim, Jeong-Gyu (SNU)
  • Kim, Jihyun (UNIST)
  • Kim, Jongsoo (KASI)
  • Kim, Woong-Tae (SNU)
  • Kwak, Kyujin (UNIST)
  • Kwak, Sungwon (SNU)
  • Lee, Hyeseung (Chungnam)
  • Park, JunSeong (UNIST)
  • Park, Kiwan (UNIST)
  • Ryu, Dongsu (UNIST)
  • Seo, Woo-Young (SNU)
  • Wan, Mew-Bing (APCTP)
  • Yang, Seung Won (UNIST)
  • Yoo, Hyunju (Chungnam)
  • Yoon, Heesun (Chungnam)