Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Permanent Staffs

Dr. Sang-Hyeon Ahn

Ph.D, Prime Investigator
Office: LWC 110
Email: sha AT

Research Interests

Monte Carlo Lya radiative transfer in starburst galaxies and reionization era
Gravitational wave astrophysics, nuclear physics, atomic physics
N-body astrodynamical calculations and its application to historical astronomy
History of Astronomy and Sciences

Dr. Thiem Hoang

Senior Researcher; Asst. Professor at UST
Office: LWC 308
Email: thiemhoang AT

Research Interests

  • CMB foregrounds: microwave emission from nanoparticles and dust polarization
  • Dust and Magnetic fields: grain alignment physics, dust polarization modeling
  • Interstellar Exploration: Physics of Breakthrough Relativistic Nano Spacecraft

Junior Research Leaders and Postdocs

Dr. Chunglee Kim

Junior Research Leader
Office: LWC 109
Email: chungleekim AT

Research Interests

Astrophysics “compact binaries as gravitational-wave sources”
- Galactic pulsar binary population
- Dynamics of compact binaries in dense stellar clusters

Gravitational-wave data analysis with LSC and KAGRA collaboration
- Parameter estimation for compact binaries
- Waveform modeling and systematic accuracy of PE

Pulsar astronomy

Dr. Jinhyuk An

Junior Research Leader
Office: LWC 309
Email: anjhyk AT

Research Interests

Stellar dynamics

Dr. Jinho Kim

Junior Research Leader
Office: LWC 309
Email: TBA

Research Interests

Relativistic MHD

Dr. Yeong-Bok Bae

Office: LWC 308
Email: baeyb AT

Research Interests

Dynamical evolution of star clusters (Fokker-Planck and N-body)
Numerical Relativity and Gravitational wave astrophysics

Dr. Jungjoon Seogh

Office: LWC 110
Email: seough AT

Research Interests

Plasma kinetic theory in the near-Earth environment
Particle-in-cell simulation for solar wind dynamics