Theoretical Astrophysics Group

Korean Numerical Astrophysics Group (KNAG)

Research interests of KNAG includes numerical astrophysics of

  • hydrodynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, astrophysical plasmas,
  • turbulence, cosmic ray acceleration, radiation processes,
  • intergalactic medium, intracluster medium, interstellar medium. galactic disks, accretion disks.

Meetings of 2012

Date/Time Presentation
September 14 (Friday), 3pm Kang, Hyesung - Problems in Estimating Non-thermal Radiation from Supernova Remnants
Cho, Jungyeon - Growth of a Localized Seed Magnetic Field in Turbulence
Guo, Zhibin - Heat Transport in Tangled Magnetic Fields
October 5 (Friday), 3pm Ko, Juyeon - Distribution Analysis of Density, Temperature, and Velocity Field around the Clusters
Hong, Sungwook - Strong Accretion Shock Waves in Cluster Outskirts and Possibility of Cosmic Ray Population Inversion
Ahn, Kyungjin - Current Status of 21CMA
Ryu, Dongsu - Cosmic Magnetism
October 26 (Friday), 3pm Jang, Hanbyul - A Relativistic MHD Code based on an Upwind Scheme
Seo, Woo-Young - Numerical Simulations of Star Formation in Barred Galaxies
Yoo, Hyunju - Effect of Forcing Scale on MHD Turbulence
November 16 (Friday), 3pm Kim, Yonghwi -
Yoon, Heesun -
Hong, Sungwook -
Kwak, Kyujin -

Meetings of 2011

Date/Time Presentation
November 25 (Friday), 3pm Kwon, Hyewon - Study of Astrophysical Shock Waves using a PIC Code
Seo, Wooyoung - Star Formation Feedback in Barred Galaxies
Kim, Hoonkyu - Inverse Energy Cascade and Magnetic Helicity in 3D Driven Electron MHD (EMHD) Turbulence
Akahori, Takuya - Shock and Turbulence in Galaxy Clusters and the Large-Scale Structure
November 4 (Friday), 3pm Jang, Hanbyul - Toward a Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic Code
Kim, Jeong-Gyu - Gravitational Instability in Vertically Stratified/Pressure-confined Disks
Yoo, Hyunju - Effects of Multiple Driving Scales on Turbulence Statistics
Yoon, Heesun - Estimate the Magnetic Field Strength using Rotation Measure
October 14 (Friday), 3pm Kim, JiHee - Updated Comparison study of Extensive Air Shower Simulations with CORSIKA and COSMOS
Kim, Yonghwi - Effects of Spiral Arms on the Gaseous Features of Barred Spiral Galaxies
Cho, Hyunjin - Probability Distribution Function of Density in Turbulent Molecular Clouds
Ahn, Kyungjin - Probing the First Stars through Planck
September 23 (Friday), 3pm Roh, Soonyoung - A Comparative Study of COSMOS and CORSIKA Extensive Air Shower Simulations
Park, Junseung - A Scaling of Velocity and Magnetic Fields in Decaying Turbulence in Expanding/Collapsing Media
Hong, Sungwook - 2D Genus Topology of 21cm Differential Brightness Temperature during Cosmic Reionizationi
Ryu, Dongsu - Magnetic Field in Voids

Meetings of 2010

Date/Time Presentation
December 17 (Friday), 3pm Jang, Hanbyul - Relativistic Hydrodynamic Code for Multi-component Fluids
Yoon, Hee-Sun - Correlation between Density and Magnetic Field Strengths in Compressible MHD Turbulence
Yoo, Hyun-Ju - Statistics of Isothermal Compressible Turbulence in Simulations: Single versus Double Forcing
Kim, Jongsoo - Introduction to CUDA Programming Basics
November 26 (Friday), 3pm Kim, Jeong-Gyu - Gravitational Instability of Pressure-confined Rotating Polytropic Disks
Kim, Hoon-Kyoo - Inverse Energy Cascade of Semi-2D Turbulence
Ahn, Kyungjin - Cosmic Reionization by the First Stars
Cho, Jungyeon - Non-locality of HD and MHD Turbulence
October 22 (Friday), 3pm Park, Junseung - MHD Turbulence in Expanding/Collapsing Media
Cho, Hyunjin - Turbulence in Molecular Clouds: Observation versus Simulation
Akahori, Takuya - Exploring Faraday Rotation Measure due to the Intergalactic Magnetic Field with the Square Kilometer Array
Kang, Hyesung - Cosmic Ray Spectrum in SN Ia Remnants
September 10 (Friday), 3pm Kim, Chang-Goo - Regulation of Star Formation Rates in Multiphase Galactic Disks: Numerical Tests of the Thermal/Dynamical Equilibrium Model
Roh, Soonyoung - Dethinning Algorithm in Air Shower Simulations
Kim, JiHee - Energy Estimator of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays(UHECRs) Using GEANT4 Simulation
Ryu, Dongsu - A Model for the Intergalactic Magnetic Field and its Astrophysical Implications

Current Members

  • Chosun University, Department of Earth Science
    1. Ahn, Kyungjin (professor)
  • Chungnam National University, Department of Astronomy and Space Science
    1. Cho, Jungyeon (professor)
    2. Hong, Sungwook (postdoc)
    3. Jang, Hanbyul (student)
    4. Kim, Hoon-Kyoo (student)
    5. Ko, Juyeon (student)
    6. Ryu, Dongsu (professor)
    7. Yoo, Hyun-Ju (student)
    8. Yoon, Hee-Sun (student)
  • Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute
    1. Kim, Jongsoo (staff scientist)
    2. Hayasaki, Kimitake (postdoc)
    3. Kwak, Kyujin (postdoc)
  • NFRI WCI Center for Fusion Theory
    1. Jo, Gahyung (student)
    2. Kwon, Jae-Min (staff scientist)
  • Pusan National University, Department of Earth Science
    1. Cho, Hyunjin (student)
    2. Kang, Hyesung (professor)
  • Seoul National University, Department of Physics and Astronomy
    1. Kim, Jeong-Gyu (student)
    2. Kim, Yonghwi (student)
    3. Kim, Woong-Tae (professor)
    4. Lim, Hyeongmuk (student)
    5. Seo, Woo Young (student)