Upcoming Events

First TagKASI Int' Conference

  • First TagKASI International Conference on Cosmic Dust and Magnetism, Oct 30-Nov 2, 2018

  • 2018 KNAG Meeting

    The first 2018 KNAG meeting will take place in KASI on Friday, March 16. For more details, please see KNAG.


    Prof. Alex Lazarian (Wisconsin-Madison) is visiting us from Jan 6-21, as a Distinguished Fellow.

    Jan 12, 2017: New group website is online!

    Recent Publications

    • Hoang Thiem , Cho J., Lazarian A., Alignment of Irregular Grains by Mechanical Torques, 2018, ApJ, 852, 129
    • Kim, Jinho; Balsara, Dinshaw S.; Lyutikov, Maxim; Komissarov, Serguei S.,On the linear stability of sheared and magnetized jets without current sheets - relativistic case, 2018, MNRAS, 474, 3954
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